Asset Management Module

Asset Management Simplified

Effortlessly track, maintain, and optimise the value of your organisation's physical and digital assets.

Asset Management
Module details

A complete inventory management facility within the Centerpoint Asset Management module allows for the definition of asset types in a hierarchical model which are subsequently associated with specific asset items complete with asset tracking features.

Within this module all related activities featuring a particular asset item are logged accordingly with links to each of the related modules in question e.g. projects, packing lists, shipments, maintenance records etc. offering a complete history of asset use from introduction until decommissioning.

Each activity undertaken by an asset will contribute to a points system which will ultimately dictate when the asset should be due for repair or maintenance.

Asset depreciation can be assessed in any designated currency and linked with appropriate maintenance schedules defined within the Centerpoint maintenance module. As well as managing individual items, this module allows for the definition of assembly bundles which can be tracked as a bundled assembly rather than an individual asset item where appropriate.

screenshots of the asset management module in action

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