Well Intervention

Developed by experts with over 35 years of experience in the well intervention industry, Centerpoint is a purpose built ERP solution born out of a true industry need.  

Centerpoint ERP Software for Well Intervention and
Well Based Operations Companies

Designed specifically for well intervention and well-based operations service and support companies, Centerpoint ERP is a highly-reliable Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution. Built from the ground-up with data security in mind, Centerpoint simplifies complex problems and gives you complete transparency across all of your well based operations.

At Centerpoint ERP, we understand the unique challenges that well intervention companies face in optimising their operations and have designed the well intervention software to overcome these challenges with ease.

Centerpoint ERP is a product born out of a true industry need. The solution has been designed by industry experts and is backed by well intervention partners.

- Maurillio Addario, Data Analytics Director, ANSA

Key Features of Centerpoint ERP Well Intervention Software

Our effective ERP solution is not just a tool; it's a tailored, single collaborative platform designed hand-in-hand with a leading well services company. Centerpoint is a transformative ERP for organisations involved in well interventions, from well logging, wireline, slickline, or coiled tubing conveyance, well control, testing, mechanical services and many more. Learn more about the key features of Centerpoint ERP for well intervention companies.

User Friendly & Cost Effective ERP

Centerpoint ERP prioritises the user experience, featuring an intuitive interface designed to streamline daily tasks and enhance productivity. Its user-friendly design ensures ease of use across all business departments, from man-on-the-ground operations to back-office functions. Additionally, Centerpoint ERP is a cost-effective solution, providing value without compromising on quality or functionality. Achieve operational goals and maintain financial stability with Centerpoint ERP.

Rapidly Deployable ERP Solution

Choose Centerpoint for a rapid ERP solution deployment that gets your system up and running within typically 3-4 weeks.  The platform's flexibility allows for easy integration of existing data, minimising manual entry requirements. Whether deploying a single module or the entire suite, businesses can tailor their implementation strategy to suit their unique needs and pace. Experience minimal business disruption with minimal training required.

Suite of 8 Interconnected Modules

Centerpoint's suite of 8 modules seamlessly communicate with each other, offering management total transparency across their operations. With all data consolidated in one centralised platform, departments can work together seamlessly, leveraging real-time insights and collaboration tools.

Developed by Well Intervention Experts

Centerpoint is a proven ERP solution, developed by well intervention experts for companies working in well based operations service and support fields. Backed by industry partners, our tailored ERP for well intervention empowers our clients to streamline operations, maintain financial stability and scale for growth.

Our Client Testimonials

"I would absolutely recommend this ERP solution for SME businesses in the tool or tool rental service sector. It offers a cost-effective and efficient alternative to larger international ERP systems, bearing in mind there is no other ERP out there which fits our needs quite like REGIIS (Centerpoint) does.”

Bruce Melvin
Managing Director at READ Cased Hole

"Before implementing Centerpoint ERP, our company relied solely on spreadsheets for tracking, leading to inefficiencies and disconnected data. Centerpoint integrated our assets, logistics, operations, projects, and QHSE into a single solution, vastly improving operational efficiency."

Richard Gordon
Operations Supervisor at Well-SENSE Technology Ltd

Plugging the Gap: Centerpoint ERP for Well Intervention
Streamline - Scale - Succeed

Tap into a wealth of insights and best practices accumulated over 35 years by our industry experts. From streamlining day-to-day operations with the well intervention software, to fostering a culture of financial sustainability, accountability and transparency, Centerpoint ERP is your partner for growth and reliability in the highly competitive well intervention industry.

Learn about some of the benefits of Centerpoint ERP for well intervention companies below.

Streamlined Resource Management

Is your operational efficiency hampered by excessive back-and-forth communications? From phone calls to emails and spreadsheets, extracting and analysing information becomes cumbersome, leading to potential failure points. Optimise productivity and minimise downtime with streamlined resource management across well sites with Centerpoint ERP.

Optimised Maintenance Management

One of Centerpoint ERP's standout features is its robust maintenance module. Offering complete flexibility, users can define and track maintenance regimes tailored to their specific assets. The platform's point system enables predictive maintenance, optimising equipment longevity while minimising downtime and over-maintenance costs.

Enhanced Visibility & Efficiency

Centerpoint ERP provides complete visibility into well-based operations, with real-time dashboard and seamless communication between each module. Stakeholders gain insights into areas such as asset location, maintenance status and project progress. With customers achieving incredible improvements in efficiency, such as Non-Productive Time (NPT) reduced to almost zero.

Oil & Gas

In the ever-evolving world of Oil & Gas, efficient operations, streamlined logistics, and good communication are paramount for success. Centerpoint ERP offers specialised tools to support your business, helping you navigate the complexities of the industry. Whether you're an exploration company, a refinery, or a distributor, Centerpoint has the solutions you need.

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Applicable Across Different Industries & Environments

Centerpoint ERP is versatile enough for any company involved in any type of well intervention operations, including but not limited to; geothermal, mining, water, environmental, fracking and more. The software for well intervention is a powerful ERP solution for onshore, offshore, shallow water, deep water, and ultra-deep water well based operations.

A Single Collaborative ERP Platform for
Well-Based Operations Companies

Moving resources around wells demands meticulous planning. Centerpoint ERP's 8 integrated modules streamline asset management, logistics, maintenance, HR, QHSE, CRM, operations and purchasing - ensuring efficiency and cost savings for well intervention businesses.

Let’s drill down into the key modular components of Centerpoint ERP and explore how they can supercharge your well based operations;

Centerpoint ERP: Powering Up Light, Medium & Heavy Well Intervention Activities

Centerpoint ERP is the solution to the everyday problems of managing equipment and personnel for well based operations, whether you are a large corporation to a medium to small enterprise.  

This ERP solution is tailored to fit well based organisations of all sizes, and has been designed to meet your unique needs and foster seamless growth.

centerpoint pulling all your data into one place

A Global ERP Partner for Well Intervention Clients

Don't settle for generic ERP solutions. Experience a new level of communication and decision-making with our centralised hub that offers real-time access to critical information. Keep all stakeholders informed and aligned with the latest information, accessible anywhere, anytime.

Schedule a demo and unlock the full potential of Centerpoint ERP today.

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