Streamline Your Supply Chain with Centerpoint ERP for Logistics

Our logistics management module within Centerpoint ERP optimises your supply chain, improves efficiency, and increases visibility for your organisation.

Optimising Supply Chain Performance with Centerpoint Logistics Module.

Centerpoint ERP's Logistics module is a powerhouse that takes supply chain management to the next level, enhancing efficiency and providing unprecedented visibility for organisations. It allows coordinators to streamline supply chain operations and logistics management efficiently.

Key features and benefits of our Logistics Module:

Packing Lists

Within the Centerpoint ERP Logistics Module, logistics coordinators can effortlessly create packing lists composed of equipment items. These lists can be assigned for specific projects, effectively reserving essential equipment for operational use.

Shipment Management

Whether through a pre-defined packing list or direct selection, coordinators can define shipments, specifying their intended destination and transit type. The module also allows for the generation of essential paperwork, including Shipping Dockets, Proforma Invoices, Commercial and Customs Invoices as needed.

Shipment Tracking

The ERP systems logistics module provides real-time tracking capabilities, allowing organisations to monitor shipments from their initial transportation stages. As shipments are completed, goods can be marked as received accordingly.

Inventory Management

The receipt of goods intended for specific operations or projects makes those items available for immediate project use. Alternatively, they can be shipped from project sites back to the warehouse for further utilisation or maintenance when required.

Enhancing Efficiency and Visibility with Centerpoint ERP

Our QHSE module isn't just a tool; it's your partner in achieving excellence. Here are the benefits that come with it:

Optimal Efficiency

The Centerpoint ERP logistics module ensures optimal efficiency throughout the supply chain. By creating and managing packing lists, organisations can ensure that the right equipment is allocated to the right projects, reducing delays and streamlining operations.

Shipment Management

Shipment management capabilities facilitate the movement of goods, with automatic generation of essential documentation for a seamless shipping process. This not only saves time but also ensures compliance with all necessary paperwork.

Shipment Tracking

Shipment tracking offers valuable visibility into the location and status of goods in transit. This feature enhances decision-making, as organisations can plan for the arrival of goods, allocate resources efficiently, and provide customers with accurate delivery information.

Inventory Management

Furthermore, the module's inventory management capabilities enable organisations to maintain control over their assets, ensuring that equipment is available when and where it's needed. This feature minimises downtime, maximises resource utilisation, and contributes to cost savings.

Boost your supply chain performance with Centerpoint ERP

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