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Whether you're a small business just starting out or a large enterprise looking to optimise your operations, Centerpoint has the features & functionality you need to succeed.

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More than just another ERP system.

Discover how Centerpoint can quickly be put to work in your organisation, Streamlining Operations, Improving Efficiency, and Driving Growth.
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Developed to fit your business ‘off the peg’.

After initial configuration, the system is ready to go.
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No expensive hidden modules, from the outset everything is included.

Centerpoint has been developed to fit your business ‘off the peg’. 
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Fully hosted and supported SAAS pricing.

Pricing is both realistic and fair regardless of your business size or geographical spread. 
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We help with onboarding

Masterclass training is provided for your important admins and coaches.  
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ERP you can trust, with ease

Centerpoint Modules

Our CRM software has 8 modules, giving structure to all business processes, setting clear expectations and aligning seamlessly with corporate procedures. Say goodbye to disorganized customer management and hello to streamlined success with our platform

More than just another ERP system.

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