Centerpoint is an out-of-the-box, cloud-based, configurable, affordable, enterprise resource management platform (ERP) for Operations Teams.

The mere mention of the acronym "ERP" can instill fear in organisations that are aware of the need for change, as it often implies a daunting and complex process.

Don't ‘just get by’ using spreadsheets, despite information:

arrows going in the wrong way
being held in inconsistent formats
eye icon searching
being difficult to find
magnifying glass looking into data
being almost impossible to collectively interrogate

The reluctance and fear to explore big software systems as a solution is often borne out of direct ‘lived’ experience or from war stories shared by others. 

Barriers to getting comfortable with the need to progress to an integrated platform:

price tag icon
The big price tag
army of consultants icon
The army of ‘implementation consultants’
customisation options
Irretrievable customisation work driven by unwieldy expensive additions

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