10 Signs It’s Time to Upgrade Your ERP System

Explore when and why you should consider upgrading your ERP system and discover the top 10 reasons to make this critical decision.

An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system’s primary role is to improve operational efficiency across the business, by giving your team a single collaborative platform to perform their daily tasks. If the system is not fulfilling this purpose for your organisation, then it’s time to reassess both its current performance and its potential for the future.

Read on as we discuss this topic more in-depth and answer some key questions you may have. Later, we’ll explore the top 10 indicators that may suggest your ERP is due for an upgrade.

How Long Does an ERP System Last?

An ERP system can last between 7 to 10 years on average. However, some businesses may carry out periodical upgrades to extend the lifespan of their ERP system. Some ERPs may need to be replaced sooner if they can’t keep up with the business’s rate of growth and evolving needs.

When Should I Upgrade My ERP System?

Several factors can influence the right time to upgrade your ERP system. These factors may include;

·        the age of your existing ERP system

·        the speed at which your business is growing

·        the ability of your current ERP to keep up with your business needs

·        whether your current ERP has reached EOL status

Determining the ideal time to upgrade your ERP system involves a careful consideration of multiple factors and a thorough assessment of these elements will guide you in making informed choices about when to begin an ERP implementation process journey.

What Is a Realistic Timeline of ERP Implementation?

The timeline for an ERP project can vary depending on the size and complexity of the company and its requirements. Smaller companies may complete an ERP project in a few months, while larger organisations could take a year or more.  However, implementation times are significantly reduced with a modern and innovative ERP solution like Centerpoint.

Now that we have covered the basis of when you may need to upgrade your ERP and how long these processes will take, let’s take a look and see how many signs your business can relate to.

Top 10 signs that it may be time to upgrade your current ERP system

The need to upgrade your ERP system is rooted in the ever-changing business landscape and the continuous advancements in technology. Can you relate to any of these key pain points?

1.      Outdated Technology:

·        Is your ERP system lacking in modern features and capabilities needed to stay competitive?

·        Is your ERP hindering your ability to adopt innovative technologies like AI, IoT, and advanced BI and analytics?

Upgrading to a new ERP ensures your business remains technologically current, allowing you to take advantage of new features, functionalities and security enhancements. Centerpoint ERP has been designed by industry, for industry and developed out of a need for an ERP system for businesses that manage and maintain assets.

2.      Performance Issues:

·        Is your ERP system struggling to keep up with your business growth? Is this leading to bottlenecks in your operations?

·        Is productivity hindered by slow system response times, frequent crashes, and data processing delays?

Implementing a more powerful ERP can support your organisation's growth without performance limitations. Centerpoint ERP is a remarkable tool which can support your organisation’s growth now and in the future.

3.      Customisation Complexities:

·        Is excessive customisation in your current ERP making it difficult to adapt to changing business requirements?

·        Are your maintenance costs higher and upgrades often complex due to these customisations?

Modern ERP systems offer customisation options that are easier to manage, ensuring your ERP adapts to your evolving needs without complications. Further to this, a more flexible and configurable ERP system allows you to tailor your processes without compromising scalability. Centerpoint ERP’s team of dedicated software developers can tap into a vast pool of experience to customise the ERP system to fit any unique needs you may have.

4.      Rising Costs:

·        Are you finding that your maintenance costs are escalating, along with items such as software licensing fees?

·        Are your operational costs for running the software also growing?

·        Does your ERP require more and more resources to maintain and troubleshoot, increasing the overall cost of ownership?

Centerpoint ERP serves as a cost-effective solution with a simple pricing model. Everything is included from the outset and all required users can have access to everything with no need for a complicated pricing structure.

5.      Poor User Experience:

·        Are you experiencing low user adoption rates and employee dissatisfaction with the ERP system?  Is this negatively impacting productivity?

·        Are users finding the ERP difficult to navigate or lacking in user-friendly/intuitive features?

Centerpoint ERP has been developed with the user at the forefront of the design. This user-friendly ERP system can enhance user adoption rates and improve overall user satisfaction.

6.      Inefficiencies:

·        Are you experiencing productivity losses caused by inefficiencies, redundant data entry, and process bottlenecks?

·        Are inefficient processes having an impact on customer satisfaction and your organisation's ability to compete effectively?

Upgrading to a more efficient ERP, such as Centerpoint ERP, can streamline operations, eliminate redundancies, and enhance customer satisfaction.

7.      Lack of Support:

·        Does your ERP vendor provide inadequate support, and infrequent updates, which pose significant risks to your business?

·        With a lack of vendor support, is your ERP system vulnerable to security threats and system malfunctions?

Centerpoint is a supported ERP, and our team will ensure that you have access to support and regular updates, reducing risks and ensuring system reliability. We also ensure you have access to new features, reducing vulnerabilities.

8.      Data Inaccuracies:

·        Is poor decision-making led by inaccurate data within your ERP system affecting various aspects of your business?

·        The integrity of your financial reporting is compromised due to data inaccuracies?

Upgrading to a more accurate ERP system such as Centerpoint, which has robust data validation and reporting capabilities, aiding in informed decision-making and cost savings.

9.      Integration Challenges:

·        Are you experiencing difficulty in integrating your ERP with other systems and software, hindering business efficiency and growth?

·        You are experiencing reduced productivity due to siloed data causing manual data entry and errors?

An ERP with better integration capabilities enhances data flow, streamlines processes, and improves overall efficiency. Centerpoint ERP comes with improved integration capabilities, making it easier to connect with other software and systems.

10.  Security Risks:

·        Are you concerned that your outdated ERP system may contain vulnerabilities that expose your data to security risks?

·        Are you worried about data breaches and cyberattacks and the consequences for your business should one occur?

Upgrading to a more secure ERP with the latest security features, such as Centerpoint, will help protect your data from potential threats and security breaches. Centerpoint has been well equipped to fend off cybersecurity threats and protect your business data.

If your business is currently suffering from any of these ailments, get in touch with us to discover how quickly Centerpoint ERP can be deployed, and you can start reaping the benefits of this innovative ERP system designed for operations teams.

Why Upgrade Your ERP to Centerpoint?

Centerpoint ERP is a user-friendly and cost-effective solution for growing businesses. With its dedicated support, seamless integration and ease of deployment – businesses can reap the benefits of this transformative ERP system within days of implementation.  

Interested in upgrading your ERP? Book a personalised demo and discover how Centerpoint ERP can enhance your business processes within days.