CRM Module

Optimise customer relationships with Centerpoint CRM

Transform Customer Relationships with our comprehensive CRM module which allows you to manage contacts, sales, and support in one centralised platform.

CRM Module details

Intuitive business development module allowing leads and opportunities to be defined and allocated to sales representatives.

Key events and actions are tracked through to completion against each opportunity as part of a staged workflow from lead inception to a realised opportunity.

This module features both weighted and unweighted forecast reports with annualised views of potential opportunity values filterable by service or product type where applicable.

customer service
Improved customer service & support
marketing icon
More focussed marketing
decision making icon
Better decision-making
data management icon
Better customer data management
collaboration icon
Better team collaboration
screenshots of the CRM module in action

Centerpoint ERP Modules

Our ERP software has 8 modules, giving structure to all business processes, setting clear expectations and aligning seamlessly with corporate procedures. Say goodbye to disorganised customer management and hello to streamlined success with our platform.

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