Human Resources Module

Simplifying Personnel Management

Our Human Resources module simplifies the management of personnel and allows you to track the location of your employees while they are traveling using built-in mapping functions.

Human Resources Module details

HR representatives can track all personnel information within the Human Resources module, including key contact details and associated competencies/certifications.

Personnel travelling to project sites can check-in and update their location dynamically using the Centerpoint SMS update system which will update the status and geographical location of personnel dynamically within this module.

Personnel will have the ability to update their own personal details and obtain specific views of data associated with them as a user on the Centerpoint platform.

customer service
Improved customer service & support
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More focussed marketing
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Better decision-making
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Better customer data management
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Better team collaboration
screenshots of the operations module in action

Centerpoint ERP Modules

Our ERP software has 8 modules, giving structure to all business processes, setting clear expectations and aligning seamlessly with corporate procedures. Say goodbye to disorganised customer management and hello to streamlined success with our platform.

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