Logistics Module

Elevating Supply Chain Performance

Our logistics management module optimises your supply chain, improves efficiency, and increases visibility for your organisation.

Logistics Module details

Within the Logistics module, logistics co-ordinators have the ability to create packing lists made up of equipment items which can then be assigned for specific projects, effectively reserving specific equipment for operational use.

Either through a pre-defined packing list or directly, the co-ordinator can then define shipments with intended destination and transit type defined. Appropriate paperwork can be generated for shipments such as Shipping Docket, Proforma Invoice, Commercial and Customs Invoices where required.

Shipments can be tracked from initial transportation and goods can be marked as received accordingly once the shipment has been completed.

The receipt of items intended for specific operations/projects will make those items available for project use or subsequently shipped from project sites back to warehouse for further use thereafter or maintenance where required.

screenshots of the logistics module in action

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