Maintenance Module

Simplifying Asset Upkeep

Streamline your organisation's maintenance processes and ensure optimal performance of your assets.

Maintenance Module details

Centerpoint features a comprehensive maintenance module which directly interfaces with all of the assets defined in the platform to allow for both scheduled or ad-hoc maintenance to be conducted and tracked on specific asset items.

Maintenance experts can define appropriate blueprints made up of a series of step by step tasks that can be invoked where required for relevant asset types.

This module features a detailed dashboard to present to maintenance stakeholders a high level view of active, upcoming and overdue maintenance so that this can be managed proactively by both the accountable and responsible personnel. 

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Increased asset lifespan
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Cost savings
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Improved safety
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Enhanced performance
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Better budgeting
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Centerpoint ERP Modules

Our ERP software has 8 modules, giving structure to all business processes, setting clear expectations and aligning seamlessly with corporate procedures. Say goodbye to disorganised customer management and hello to streamlined success with our platform.

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