Purchasing Module

Supply Chain Procurement

Our purchasing module simplifies and automates procurement processes, improves supplier management and increases cost savings for your organisation.

Module details

During the course of operations or out with, all required purchases can be initiated through the creation of Purchase Requisitions within the Purchasing module which are then approved by commercial stakeholders within the business, leading to the creation of associated Purchase Orders directly from Centerpoint.

Purchase orders created for operational use will be available within each of the associated project or job details.

If a purchase order is related to a specific asset and the purchase order is marked as complete, this asset will be directly updated within the asset management module to be tracked postpurchase.

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Our ERP software has 8 modules, giving structure to all business processes, setting clear expectations and aligning seamlessly with corporate procedures. Say goodbye to disorganised customer management and hello to streamlined success with our platform.

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