QHSE Module

QHSE Compliance Made Easy

Our all-in-one QHSE management module helps your organisation achieve compliance, improve safety, and protect the environment.

QHSE Module details

The Centerpoint QHSE module features three key areas of functionality:

Risk Observations – 
This area is available to all users of the platform to contribute safety or environmental risk observations for both Positive or Corrective emphasis with suggested actions.

Service Improvement Notices – This area allows any user to raise a Service Improvement Notice either for internal activities or activities of 3rd party suppliers in relation to a specific project/job or ad-hoc where required. Immediate corrective actions are outlined followed by preventive actions as a result of a subsequent investigation which must be approved by authorised personnel. All activities from the creation of the notice to closure are logged and tracked in an associated audit trail which can be reviewed at any time within Centerpoint.

Lessons Learned – This area facilitates the recording of lessons from operational activities pertaining to particular services or use of specific equipment types based on operational experience. Lessons collated here will be subsequently presented and made available within the Operations module for projects/jobs which relate to the criteria of the lesson recorded to ensure the observations identified here are adhered to proactively to avoid repetition of operational mistakes/failures.

In addition to the above Centerpoint features a comprehensive security system which allows for discrete permissions to be authorised for specific users and roles across all key modules with the ability to use enterprise Single Sign-On (SSO) services where required.

screenshots of the operations module in action

Centerpoint ERP Modules

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