Centerpoint ERP: 35 Years of Industry Expertise in Action

ANSA & STC INSISO reflect on their collaborative journey to develop Centerpoint - challenging the norms to create a cost-effective ERP.

Maurilio Addario (Data Analytics Director, ANSA) and Arrash Nekonam (Chief Technology Officer, STC INSISO) reflect on their journey in developing Centerpoint ERP through the collaborative efforts of STC INSISO and ANSA Data Analytics.

Together, they've challenged ERP norms, engineering a cost-effective, user-friendly, and quickly deployable ERP solution. Welcome to the next generation of ERP systems.

Watch the insightful video below;

Read some of the highlights from the video and discover how Centerpoint ERP can streamline your operations, boost efficiency and save on costs for your business.

> Development of Centerpoint ERP: Born out of industry need, Centerpoint ERP streamlines complex manual operations in the well intervention and well based operations sector, condensing 35 years of experience into a single collaborative ERP platform.

> Operational Efficiency and Visibility: The platform provides seamless communication between field operations and the office, offering real-time insights such as

·        asset status in asset management

·        maintenance status and history of equipment maintenance

·        tracking of equipment and assets

·        status of projects and project management

·        operations overview

This diminishes reliance on spreadsheets and improves communication between field workers and the office seamlessly.

> Fast Onboarding Process: Customers can expect a short onboarding timeframe of typically 3 to 4 weeks, with minimal training required to ensure operational readiness from day one. Onboarding typically starts with asset register input, and the system is built from that point. Clients can start with basic modules and gradually “switch on” the others based on their specific needs and required pace of adoption.

> Industry Applications and Impact: Centerpoint ERP is tailored especially for wireline services and logging companies, with strong use cases applicable to other industries involved in the movement globally of;

·        equipment and assets

·        goods

·        personnel

The ERP platform's relevance extends beyond its original scope, resonating with various companies and departments, addressing common industry challenges and providing practical solutions. Other applicable industries include;

·        utilities

·        oil and gas

·        manufacturing

·        energy & renewables

·        ports, maritime and shipping

·        waste and water management

> User-Friendly Interface: It offers a user-friendly interface designed for operations teams, bridging the gap between finance-driven ERP systems and man-on-the-ground operations.

> Modular Structure: Centerpoint ERP offers modules covering asset management, maintenance, logistics, projects, and operations, reducing reliance on spreadsheets. The system's modular design allows for flexibility, enabling customers to start with specific modules and add more as needed, ensuring operational readiness and avoiding overwhelming onboarding processes. Modules are interconnected, providing complete transparency across business operations, facilitating data mining, understanding patterns, and deriving insights for various business aspects.

> Maintenance Module: Offers flexibility in creating and tracking maintenance regimes, with features like a mileage system providing insights into equipment longevity and viability.

> Future Developments: Centerpoint ERP continues to evolve, leveraging data sets for more insights and advanced reporting capabilities, enhancing its value proposition for customers.

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