Enhancing Operational Efficiency for READ Cased Hole

Despite the ERP software being implemented during a downturn in the industry, it resulted in cost savings, increased revenue through faster equipment turnaround, and improved overall business sustainability.

Background: About READ Cased Hole

For nearly three decades, READ Cased Hole has been at the forefront of supporting oil and gas operators worldwide. Specialising in high-quality production logging and well integrity evaluation solutions, READ ensures that downhole assets are not only secure but also in the hands of seasoned experts. Whether employing wireline, slickline, or coiled tubing conveyance, READ's service quality & technology set the industry standard.

With a commitment to safety, technical excellence, and operational proficiency, READ operates from centres of excellence in the UK and the US, supported by additional facilities across Europe, the Middle East, and Alaska. The company's field engineers, recognised as industry leaders, can be mobilised worldwide at short notice, providing accurate and high-quality information about downhole assets.

READ Cased Hole specialises in high-quality production logging & well integrity evaluation solutions.

The Challenge

READ Cased Hole faced challenges in organising documents, records, and workflows, which were scattered across different platforms and manual entry spreadsheets. Managing the tracking of operating hours on tools, maintaining visibility of assets, and tracking maintenance statuses were specific inefficiencies they faced in their daily operations.

The Solution: REGIIS (the legacy version of Centerpoint ERP)

A custom ERP solution was built to assist with their ERP challenges and streamline their business processes to maximise efficiency. It was even more critical that the timescale for development and implementation was kept to a minimum due to a downturn in the oil and gas industry. READ needed to see the benefits of the ERP as soon as possible to justify the cost to shareholders and staff.

Within six months, Maurillio Addario of ANSA developed a Minimum Viable Product and onboarded STC INSISO to help with further developing the platform, then called REGIIS.

READ Cased Hole found REGIIS to be a transformative solution which consolidated and streamlined their workflows, significantly improving efficiency and transparency. The system not only served as the heart of their business but also allowed real-time information transmission across the entire company. With its user-friendly interface and accessibility from anywhere globally, REGIIS became an indispensable tool for READ Cased Hole, used by every employee.

Bruce Melvin, Managing Director, READ Cased Hole.
“The system functions as the heartbeat of our business, sustaining a continuous flow and momentum. Without it, our operations would come to a standstill. Universally embraced by all employees globally, its accessibility from any location enables real-time information transmission throughout the company.” - Bruce Melvin, Managing Director, READ Cased Hole.

The Results

READ initiated the ERP implementation during an industry downturn as a differentiated investment was required at this time. This strategic move, while cost-effective, has also positioned READ as a sustainable and financially resilient organisation in the long run, bringing about transformative changes that contribute to lasting success.

Here is an overview of some of the benefits;

> Time and Cost Savings:

REGIIS brought general efficiency gains, replacing paper and spreadsheets, resulting in 2-3 times faster workflows. Although not direct cost savings, speedier equipment turnaround has increased asset utilisation, boosting revenue.

> Auditing and Compliance:

READ’s quality management system and procedures are hosted on the ERP system which allows any audit procedures to be done efficiently and effectively. Also, the QHSE module allows any external audits or investigations to be done with complete transparency. QHSE reporting has been significantly improved, moving from a paper-based/ stop-risk card to an online system.

> Employee Experience:

Moving from the disparate paper-based system to the ERP has enhanced the user experience, offering a Windows-based platform that has increased efficiency and reduced stress. It improved speed and ensured a streamlined work environment and has been universally adopted by employees around the globe.

> Maintenance Optimisation:

A key metric for READ is increased asset utilisation, and the reduction in maintenance records (MRs) demonstrated REGIIS's impact. REGIIS has facilitated visibility, planning, and optimisation of asset maintenance, this active maintenance schedule has reduced outstanding tool repairs and minimised downtime.

Future Outlook

Moving to Centerpoint ERP, an enhanced version of REGIIS, Mr Melvin said,

“We are highly anticipating the move to the new Centerpoint platform -  an enhanced version of REGIIS, which uses the latest and greatest technology. Also, from a user perspective, we are looking forward to being part of the journey and being involved in the future development of the software.”


Implementing the {REGIIS} ERP system marked a significant improvement in READ Cased Hole's operational efficiency. Despite the system having been implemented during a downturn in the industry, it resulted in cost savings, increased revenue through faster equipment turnaround, and improved overall business sustainability.

As READ looks forward to what the future holds with Centerpoint ERP, they remain confident in the software's ability to support their growth and contribute to their continued success. The partnership with STC INSISO and ANSA Data Analytics and the user-friendly nature of the system has made READ Cased Hole's journey with the ERP system both seamless and rewarding.

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