The Development & Evolution of Centerpoint ERP

Developed by ANSA Data Analytics and STC INSISO, Centerpoint ERP bridges the gap for businesses managing global operations efficiently and cost-effectively.

The Challenge:

Drawing on their experiences with large Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, ANSA Data Analytics identified a gap in the market for a cost-effective and user-friendly ERP tailored for businesses managing the global movement of goods, personnel, and equipment.

This realisation was sparked by an enquiry from a well-integrity specialist who was searching for an ERP to streamline their operations by moving from spreadsheets to a single collaborative platform. With no suitable ERP system in the market that fit their budget or with the tools required to manage goods, personnel and equipment effectively, the company reached out to ANSA for a solution to their ERP challenges.

The Solution:

Tasked with the project to develop an ERP solution to cater to the unique needs of businesses whose primary line of operations is to manage the movement of goods, personnel and equipment to different well sites, ANSA developed the product’s first version, then known as REGIIS.

STC INSISO was later brought on board to enhance and streamline the software. As a significant step in the partnership, STC INSISO created a fresh identity for the legacy REGIIS application. This rebranding effort resulted in the birth of ‘Centerpoint ERP’, a transformation that not only changed the name but also revamped the overall persona of the application.

To align with the modern and user-friendly persona of Centerpoint, an in-depth evaluation of the existing REGIIS platform's codebase was undertaken. Operational for both READ Cased Hole and ANSA, this platform underwent a redesign, focusing on creating a seamless user interface (UI) and user experience (UX). A dedicated development team was commissioned to build the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for Centerpoint ERP, tailored to meet the essential requirements of target users.

Centerpoint ERP, featuring eight integrated modules crucial for business operations - Asset Management, Maintenance, Logistics, Operations, CRM, QHSE, Human Resources, and Purchasing - offers a collaborative platform where employees can easily access relevant information, irrespective of their role within the organisation.

The Results:

• Successful development of the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) in just six months.

• REGIIS transformed into an 'out-of-the-box,' affordable, and easy-to-implement ERP system - Centerpoint ERP.

• A unified platform enabling universal access to information, fostering real-time collaboration.

• Intelligent dashboards empowering managers with comprehensive company overviews, facilitating informed decision-making and bottleneck identification.

ANSA and STC INSISO have successfully onboarded two customers, READ Cased Hole and Well-SENSE, with an expanding pipeline. Future project scopes include:

• Enhancing app customisability.

• Incorporating an inventory module.

• Inviting a broader audience to trial Centerpoint and experience its capabilities.

The journey ahead is focused on continual innovation and meeting the evolving needs of diverse businesses, join us on this journey and schedule your free personalised demo today.

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